Saving Your Sight – We’ve Made It Our Fight


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Welcome to the first edition of the Precious Sight Foundation’s Newsletter – Sight Matters, which I am delighted to present as one of the Precious Sight Foundation’s outreach Initiatives. Precious Sight Foundation was borne out of a life changing situation that both myself and my husband experienced as I suddenly lost most of my vision on 2nd July 2013 due to a rare condition called Hydrops. We came out of this situation fighting and Precious Sight Foundation (PSF) was founded on 11th July 2014. The simple vision of PSF is to give individuals who ordinarily would not have access to basic eyecare the opportunity to have it with a particular focus on Africa. The dream is that one day Precious Sight Foundation will become a household name and that thousands worldwide will benefit from the work we do. 2015, saw us really start the journey and we are grateful to say that we have indeed made tiny steps to making the visually impaired see! To put the work we do in context, I often ask people to imagine what it would be like if either the main or one of the breadwinners in a family could not see, or even to ask people to close their eyes for a few minutes to see what that would feel like. The responses, I get daresay cause people to pause and be grateful. To buttress this point further and to allow many to read my story I wrote the book “Further than I could see” which has sold over 1,000 copies.

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