Saving Your Sight – We’ve Made It Our Fight


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It is a pleasure to present the second edition of Precious Sight Foundation's (PSF) annual magazine, Sight Matters. We had great fun working with PSF in 2016 as we continued to take small but effective steps to help alleviate sight loss in Africa. The sheer volume of work done and support received was indeed overwhelming – and we are truly grateful! Our experiences during our various travels have helped us set a PSF template for conducting  outreach programs. Our mainstay is free eye tests, provision of reading glasses, single vision prescription glasses, anti-allergy and antihistamine eye drops. 2017 promises to be a bigger and busier year as we have a lot lined up. We have stepped everything up a notch from fundraising to outreach. We have also taken on some special projects and aim to see at least 5,000 people this year. Please do take the time to have a look through this magazine, see what we have done so far and support us on our journey as we move in leaps and bounds in 2017!

Warm regards
Biyi Adewumi


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